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The thighs have always been a common problem area. Even if you’re fit and active, you can still be bothered by excess skin, fat or dimpling that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. Aging and weight loss may be to blame, but whatever the cause, unshapely thighs can derail your fitness goals and make you feel self-conscious in jeans or leggings. 

If you want to eliminate loose, sagging skin around the thighs to achieve your ideal figure, then a thigh lift at Brampton Plastic Surgery can help. Performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Catherine Haywood, a thigh lift can improve the appearance of your legs and leave you with smoother contours that accentuate your natural shape. No more worrying about how you look in certain clothes or hiding your lower half — a thigh lift can help you regain your confidence and say goodbye to embarrassment or discomfort.

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure in which excess skin is removed from around the thighs. Aging and weight loss can contribute to unwanted sagging or drooping in this area, but diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to reverse these changes caused by stretched skin and a loss of elasticity. To reshape and contour the legs, a thigh lift surgically removes excess skin and fat and tightens the remaining tissues to provide comprehensive results that look both healthy and natural. Unlike nonsurgical treatments that only offer a temporary improvement, this technique addresses the underlying cause of sagging thighs and sculpts a more toned appearance that lasts. If you experience rashes or chafing due to excess skin or fat around the thighs, a thigh lift can also eliminate any discomfort to enhance your lifestyle.

Can I Combine a Thigh Lift With Other Procedures? 

Combining your thigh lift with liposuction or another aesthetic procedure has many advantages, including being able to address multiple concerns at once. Patients considering a thigh lift often do so after losing a significant amount of weight but still struggle with stubborn fat and skin laxity in areas other than just the thighs. The breasts, stomach and arms are often affected as well, so it's not uncommon to combine a thigh lift with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), arm lift (brachioplasty) or breast procedures to achieve a full-body transformation. Dr. Haywood can recommend the right procedures for you during an initial consultation and further explain the benefits of combining multiple surgeries into a single operation. 

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Is a Thigh Lift Right for Me?

Most patients considering a thigh lift have recently lost a significant amount of weight but are still bothered by loose or hanging skin that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. This is a common problem, as the skin loses some of its elasticity over time and can’t always adjust to new body contours after a dramatic change. Aging, pregnancy and genetics can also play a role in this process. Whatever the cause, excess thigh skin can make it difficult to feel comfortable or find clothing that fits well, and many patients avoid revealing their legs whenever possible. If this sounds familiar, then a thigh lift may be right for you.

Ideal candidates for a thigh lift are those who:

  • Have loose and/or hanging skin due to weight loss or other factors
  • Want to reshape their thighs to improve their body contours 
  • Experience rashes, chafing or skin irritation due to excess thigh skin
  • Feel embarrassed by their thighs and hide their legs under clothing
  • Don’t use tobacco, or are willing to quit before surgery to promote a good recovery
  • Are at a healthy and stable body weight 

Those interested in a thigh lift should also be healthy enough for surgery and understand the risks, limitations and details of the procedure. To find out if you're a candidate for a thigh lift, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Haywood to discuss your goals and expectations. If a thigh lift can address your concerns, she’ll explain your surgical options and work with you to determine the right approach for meeting your specific needs.

What to Expect During Your Procedure

Your thigh lift surgery will be performed by Dr. Haywood at the Brampton Civic Hospital or Peel Urgent Care Center. While typically done on an outpatient basis (“day surgery”) under general anesthesia, this may vary depending on which techniques are used and whether your thigh lift is combined with liposuction or another aesthetic procedure.

On average, the surgery takes about two to three hours to complete and will involve incisions strategically placed in areas that can be hidden by clothing, bathing suits or underwear. Incision placement will depend on whether you’re receiving an inner thigh lift, outer thigh lift or both, but are typically made along the bikini line or within the natural crease of the groin. Additional incisions may be made if your procedure includes liposuction, but Dr. Haywood will discuss this with you ahead of time so you’ll know what your surgery entails.

Once the incisions are made, Dr. Haywood will remove any excess skin and reshape the underlying tissues to sculpt smoother, firmer contours. The remaining skin will be pulled taut and sutured into place to maintain your new shape. To complete the procedure, Dr. Haywood will close your incisions and you’ll be brought to the recovery room to wait for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off. 

Thigh Lift Recovery

On the day of your surgery, a trusted friend or family member will need to drop you off at the hospital or urgent care center and pick you up afterward. Anesthesia can slow your reflexes and cause grogginess or impaired judgment for hours after your procedure, so arranging for transportation ahead of time ensures that you get home safely. 

The extent of your recovery will depend on which techniques were used and the degree of correction needed to achieve your goals, but you should plan on taking at least a week off from work and other normal activities. During this time, common side effects include bruising, swelling and soreness in treated areas, but these should diminish as your body begins to heal. Dr. Haywood may recommend compression garments to help minimize swelling, and surgical drains may be used to remove excess fluids that accumulate after your procedure.

While most patients feel ready to go back to work after seven to 10 days, it will take several months for both swelling and bruising to completely subside. You will also have to refrain from any strenuous activities for the next four to six weeks to let your body heal properly. Dr. Haywood will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery, and all surgical procedures include access to home care services to address your needs if Dr. Haywood is not available.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

You’ll notice improved contours almost immediately after your thigh lift, but results will continue to develop as swelling decreases. By eliminating excess skin and fat in treated areas, your thighs will look smoother, leaner and more youthful than ever, with flattering proportions that complement your natural figure. Dr. Haywood takes great care to place incisions in discreet areas, but any scars will fade significantly after about six to eight months. You can further improve the appearance of scarring by following a proper skin care routine and using Vivier Scar Gel, which we recommend to all patients after a procedure.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable weight, you can expect the results of your thigh lift to be lifelong. To ensure an optimal outcome, you should also attend all scheduled follow-up appointments and adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Haywood.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

Different factors will affect the overall cost of your procedure, including the type of thigh lift being performed, the degree of correction needed and which techniques are used to accomplish your aesthetic goals. We’ve included a cost estimate below to help you plan for your procedure, but Dr. Haywood can provide a more accurate quote after your consultation. If your surgical plan includes liposuction or another cosmetic treatment, the final cost will be higher, but you can generally save on anesthesia and hospital fees by combining procedures. This can also be discussed in more detail during your consultation.

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