Today I was in the office and saw a couple of patients who had surgery elsewhere. I see several second opinions per month. Complications can happen with any surgery. But the key to a happy patient is a well informed one. You as a patient SHOULD be told about risks and complications. Your surgeon SHOULD be open to discuss such issues. Make sure that you are seeing a SURGEON! Make sure you are seeing a PLASTIC SURGEON! Not just someone that is offering a cosmetic procedure, that may not be trained!

The Royal College has an examination board for plastic surgery. A well trained surgeon is evaluated during training, examined by a board of qualified experts, and is capable of looking after any complications. Patients deserve no less! Complications can happen to any surgeon or patient— the key is that you are well informed and aware of such issues…then you will be much more content. Demand to know the training of your doctor— and whether a hospital recognizes their credentials.

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