The referral process can be a frustrating one, especially in a long standing medical journey.

Being referred to a specialist in general usually involves a wait of some sort. To make the process easier and be prepared to make an appointment we require the following:

  • A biopsy. If you have a suspicious lesion or something you think is a skin cancer that is recurring and you have seen Dr. Haywood before, you MUST have a biopsy preformed prior to surgical referral/request for a consultation. Dr. Haywood preforms surgical intervention of skin cancers but will not preform a biopsy to determine this. This biopsy is obtained by your family physician or Dermatologist. If you have not seen a Dermatologist you may be referred to one.
  • A valid referral. If it has been over a year since you have seen Dr. Haywood you must be re-referred. If you have a new issue and have seen Dr. Haywood for something else, you need a valid referral for this issue.
  • Prior Relevant Investigations. In order to be eligible for a surgical consultation you must have the appropriate testing done. This ensures your safety when seeking any type of surgery. For example) If you have Carpal Tunnel and wish to have a surgical consultation you must have a recent nerve study completed within a year. You must also have tried therapy such as splints to better this issue before considering surgery.

These simple things will ensure you are able to make an appointment at our clinic and ultimately cut down your wait time to see Dr. Haywood.

We look forward to seeing you!

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