October 31st- November 3rd I was able to attend The 3rd Annual Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami Florida. I don’t often travel, and this was such a great trip and opportunity.

Miami was absolutely beautiful and such a lively place to be. That energy seemed to flow through the conference as everything was fun and moved at a great pace really allowing you to focus all available attention on the speakers. Missing  the  first  light snow  fall  and   enjoying  the  sun  didn’t  hurt  either.

The conference was filled with numerous Doctor’s/ Surgeon’s, office managers, and companies all willing to share as much information as we were willing to take in. Upon sitting in the conferences we heard from amazing speakers. If one thinks of a conference in general, they may assume it would be boring, as I thought it could potentially be- I mean who would actually like to hear from every speaker? However, to my surprise, I did. There was not one presentation I did not find helpful or I was able to relate our clinic to. From the topics of marketing, to patient interaction, to upping the actual cosmetic procedure base and the biggest topic, social media- there was so much information that I didn’t even know where to begin.

The conference was split up in regards to what best suited your position and what you wanted to learn (e.g. surgical procedures for Plastic Surgeon’s, Medical spas and esthetician’s and new equipment offered to them, to Marketing and Practice Management) . I, as the Office Manager and Patient Care Coordinator here at Brampton Plastic Surgery, attended most of the Practice Management and Marketing seminars as this is what I am actually doing and was able to obtain the most beneficial information from.

One thing I did find very interesting that I wanted to share in general, as this is literally so easy to relate to anyone who is employed, was the phone/general attitude that I’m sure everyone struggles with from time to time. Bad days are had by absolutely everyone, and sometimes interactions can become less than they should be based off this attitude being carried throughout the day as you never really know what someone else is going through or dealing with. However, have you ever sat in front of a mirror and just watched yourself talk? Ladies when you do you makeup or to anyone who checks out their outfit before they leave for the day, you smile your best smile and really feel as good as you look. How about trying this at work or in general if you’re having a bad day? This is something SO small but really has the biggest impact. I, as an employee of this clinic, have called other clinics and heard the secretary who sounds completely overwhelmed and miserable and really just makes you want to get the most basic of the information you actually need and get off the phone as soon as possible. We all have those days. But try looking at yourself in the mirror and being miserable. It’s almost impossible.  When you smile while talking, and are genuinely happy, not only can that be seen but it can be heard! Try it out!

In conclusion, there are so many strategies that I was able to learn at the Conference and can’t wait to start implementing them in our clinic to really make this the best possible experience for both our future and current patients.

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